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                                                                                       AUTISM–-Most VACCINES are made from ABORTED babies-
                                                                                             it could be the cause of autism-Was your child vaccinated???
your arm or your precious babies?
click on vaccine sources
zach tims 2 
Now pestered by Paula White
Zach tims 
 issac hunter
-Mafia Ministry-A Crying Shame
mafia ministry 2 
paul crouch dead 
the Day of Atonement Blessing
munsey photo
Here is “Pastor Paula” bearing almost all
paula boobs good
Would you want this woman as your leader?
You’d be smiling to if you were collecting 10%
 from thousands from uneducated sheep-and yes
I was once one of them
Russ youtube photo
Return of the Alien Super Soldier
By Gaylene Goodroad
herescope aliens

A new cosmology for the church,

part 3 Alien Encounters: A Book Review

talbot book
 A Response to “In Defense of a Prophetic Voice” by David Reagan
 dave james site
pope on golden throne
for beating up a miracle crusade attendee
carman photo 
possible lawsuit against David James author of
The Harbinger-Fact or Fiction??
Wow, now Christians or so-called Christians
want to sue people who question their teachings
harbinger fact or
( a true case of “seed faith’ gone wild-
he finally reaped what he sowed)
munsey breakthrough 
  babylon hanggarden
to speak for  Oprah’s Life Class
osteen oprah 
paul crouch dead 
beth moore 
  inquisition frnce
-A national solemn assembly for which Jesus?
For Vexing Grand-daughter
jan crouch
TBN Granddaughter exposes corruption
crouch grand daughter 
to internet website exposing corruption
over David Barton’s false tales about American History-
jefferson lies 2 
munsey jubilee 
crouch family
Crouch Granddaughter Brittany Koper
Crouch Granddaughter Brittany Koper
Joseph Smith sermons on the plurality of God
Matt Crouch————–Dick Dubois
Michael Pitts
Complaint-teaching seed faith must be stressful
Randy White arrested for drunk driving–
Yikes, what’s going on with these guys!
his daughter-that’s a bad confession
married to the mother-beware of this man
-the legagy of Robert Schuller
on Contemplative Prayer
TD Jakes unite and why you should care
Rick Warren and Erik Rees
Rich Vermillion’s Kenneth Copeland blog.com
The Unseen Foe behind Rising Evil


Muslim Jesus vs. Biblical Jesus in

Arabic Language: مسلم يسوع مقابل يسوع الكتاب



(he calls himself a “pastor” 
gets sued by Charisma

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